Provide professionally trained mediators to help people resolve conflicts or conclude contract negotiations with a mutually acceptable and durable agreement.


Promote the benefits of mediation for the resolution of conflicts.


Provide training to prospective mediators.



We envision a community where litigation will be a choice of last resort; conflicts will be resolved faster, with less stress, at less cost and with greater satisfaction to parties involved.




All mediation proceedings will be conducted in strict confidentiality to allow for complete openness and honesty without fear of reprisal.



Practitioners will not take sides in any dispute.  The techniques employed are geared to enable the disputants to arrive at their own solutions guided by a skilled facilitator.  The mediator shall attempt at the outset to resolve to the satisfaction of the parties, any potential conflicts of interest that could undermine the mediator’s neutrality.



The services offered by Conflict Resolution Services will be available on a timely basis to anyone regardless of financial circumstances.



Our trained mediators will be assigned to cases.  Mediators will facilitate the mediation fairly, diligently and in a manner consistent with self-determination of the parties. Mediators will not give legal or other professional advice to either party in the dispute.


Continuing Education

We will continue to identify and utilize resources that will develop our competencies and enable us to provide exceptional service.



We respect each party’s point of view and do not seek to determine fault in any dispute.  We believe that best and lasting solutions are those which come from the disputants when the needs of each are understood and respected. Our expertise is in facilitating that process.