“This was amazing. Thank you for all of this”

“Thank you so much. I will recommend CRC to others for mediation and for training”

“Excellent, professional and engaging training. Thank You!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this experience!”

Examples of Recent Cases

Two neighbors were in dispute over one’s desire to extend a hedgerow diving their property.  The other neighbor threatened to sue over the disputed property line.  A trained mediator helped them both to see the issue from the other’s point of view and to uncover concerns beneath the apparent issues.  They worked out a solution together that satisfied both and restored their relationship as neighbors.

Case 1Two Neighbors

Two lawyers, each representing their clients who were in dispute over an unpaid invoice, were at an impasse.  Each, convinced he had the stronger case, was ready to go to court.  They agreed to mediation first.  The facilitator helped each to see that his car wasn’t as strong as it appeared and that each side had valid concerns that hadn’t been heard.  Together they worked out a sound business solution that satisfied both clients, saving time and legal costs.

Case 2Two Lawyers

A craftsman designed, built and installed a swinging electronically controlled gate for a customer’s driveway.  The very satisfied customer paid the bill.  However, after a snowfall, the swinging gate was inoperable due to snow pack.  A retrofit to a snow gate which pivots up like a railroad crossing gate would be costly.  The craftsman and the customer chose mediation to resolve their conflict about responsibility and additional costs.

Case 3The Craftsman &
The Customer